Bit of Presentation

Here are some of the concepts we're presenting to D&AD for the character brief. The character is called Maxine Madison and she's an introspective, cynical girl with a big dirty chip on her shoulder about the way in which society operates.
In the drawings here you see two kinds of the character in 'different from everyone else' scenarios which she percieves herself to be. The first shows a real focus on her from the surrounding almost feature-less ghosty types so.. maybe she feels like everyone is watching her or maybe I had some weirdy 'ghost whisperer' thing going on at the time, whereas the second has a more isolate mood as all the 'zombies' (people who arn't Maxine) stumble about meaninglessly and in complete self focus; taking no notice of her as she's left to contemplate how much greater she is than all of them on a moral level. Or some similar higher ethical ground crap. The irony of that is the probability that a few people around her probably feel the exact same way about her but... this is from Maxine's perspective.

My Internet connection = ?

This is my first post of February due to the fact that my housing provider, Kexgill has had some .. disagreements with BT over the flat's internet connection and we've not had online access for nearly a month now, making blogging just that bit more of a slog as I have to come to college for access.

Anyway, I'm busy trying to sort out a character sheet and a storyboard for D&AD at the moment so I will just throw in some links to some artists I've been looking at today. They all pretty much focus around character development and character sheets and some are good examples of a certain portfolio I'm meant to be constructing at the moment.. cof cof. I really need to get some of my own work up!!! Bah.