dead space animatic

Two moar to watch.

meat bun and matt pittman's blog both look like good ways to waste your time. I aspire to be this well laid out.. 

Ghostbusters : The game?? (Again!?)

Uh, didn't know anything about this. Amazing films + amazing concepts = amazing game? Hope so.

Dev Diaries

I've been reading and watching the development diaries for Dead Space and Fable II in an effort to get some juicy juicy inside looks at how big projects like major games are brought together.

I did want to embed some videos but blogger tends to be a bit of a gay when used through macs so just follow the links I've provided above. Also check out the super sweet fable and dead space concept art. With the fable's especially, its curious to see how style and mise-en-scene seem to over-rule other image factors like perspective or good use of type. Its more about getting the idea across.

Menage a 3

Another webcomic I've been reading for a while is Menage a 3. If you can take the french blonde stereotypes and the highly sexualised plotlines (if you can't then.. Do you even have a libido anymore?) then this might be something for you.

Some of the most accurately representated body language expressions I've have ever seen have come from this comic, glance through and maybe you'll agree.

Diesel Sweeties

Found this pixel webcomic the other day when browsing for Dnd stuff and I have to say I don't think I've ever read a comic with this many double entendrés before. Or women bedding robots without bleeding profusely.

Also the background colours shiiiiiift to accomodate mood. Clever stuff.

Model Sheets, Hot off the Archive!

Practice Practice Practice! Thats all it takes! Kricfalusi approves and you obey!

Anyway with help from the Hollywood Animation Archive, get cracking!

pietari posti

Brilliant chunky block-out-print-style work from Pietari Posti. Wow.

Big Buck Bunny

Phew! Before I spend a huge post regaling my time at the Birmingham International Comic Festival this weekend, here is a look at a 3-d Short which I havn't had the time to check over yet but looks quite stimulating!