Frazer Irving

So, this fellow popped in to my college today..

He's a bloody nice person; talked at length about his career, about the joys of being dolescum and showed us a nice shedload of images he's created. Here are some of my nice pieces from him. Not my favourites but, google is a cruel mistress.

Bow down to your new god

Big bucket of win courtesy of Merlin and myself! Colour management job plz. 

Poop Joke

Gonna colour this up good when I'm not totally strapped for time.

This comic is a stylistic tribute to the american elf; James Kolchalka. It wasn't actually meant to be when I was initially drawing the thing and developing the different stages of myself but it sort of became the icing of the whole strip.

i am a baby

Hey thar kids; here are some designs of myself as a baby. Some crap, some slightly better than crap.