Vore: Its hard to swallow.

Apart from being the suffix to many nouns like carnivore and herbivore, the term 'vore' refers to the eating of one entity by another. This is a subject that is somewhat interesting to me as the thought of being eaten or the image of one thing eating another has been in the back of my mind since I was a kid. I remember trying to imagine what it would be like to eaten by a crocodile, possibly inspired by the mysterious 'death' of captain hook in 'Hook' when he's 'eaten' by the giant croc statue. Or even the plant in 'Little shop of horrors' who eats people. There is definatly something about going into the gaping mouth of something and being swallowed that is hypnotic in a way.. heh.

Watching movies like anaconda or alligator too gives a similar lingering sense of wonder. It feels very strange to be coming back to these thoughts from my youth. I remember now in 'anaconda' theres this one shot from actually inside the snake from its throat as it eats a character and being intriguied by that and the swallowing shot that followed it.

I feel better now I've untapped that. And that I've remebered what a damn good movie Alligator is. I need to get a copy of that..

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