Progress #1

The point of this blog is to serve as a record of my first steps into the professional world in the creative industry, the work that has influenced me as a visual communicator and reflect on this all introspectively.
Thinking about it, I don't think that I've managed to record much of the information really required here so I'll list what I've done this year so far and then build on each point mentioned over time; on a daily basis would be nice wouldn't it? Pff.. We'll see.

So, lets look at what I've done so far eh?:

-Attended several events of the 'Cult Fiction Art and Comics" festival/exhibition in Leeds, including the exhibit at the Leeds City gallery in which I was delighted to see works like 'Palestine' by Joe Sacco and a crazy book by Travis Millard in which he kills countless clones of himself in graphic detail after they defile his life. Touching stuff.
I also attended this workshop as part of the whole shindig in which comic maker and fancy self-made jumper-wearer Doctor Simpo rapped with a small group of eager beavers about the trials and tribulations of life in the underground comic circuit. Honestly, the 'baked beans for dinner' lifestyle didn't appeal to me but it felt neat to see someone who was doing what they enjoyed with their time and earning at least a bit of money for their trouble. In the workshop, the good doctor showed us several ways of precurring a feasable way of living through goverment or lottery funding for art, pure mass production of product for selling or even by seeking funding, refuge and colaborative back-up in a comic-only funding 'charity' in the US which is focused on breathing life into the independant comic scene. Because I'm a finicky bastard, I probably would hesitate to go full time into independant comics unless I could procure a little more financial stability.
Oh, I also did my part and handed out a poop load of flyers to people and in places like the Hyde Park picture house that I volunteer out in an attempt to get as much relevant public attention on the festival. My heart = at least gold plated.

- To get my illustration mindy going, for the past brief I constructed and printed a book of illustrations about dogs that I've seen, drawn and (looking back on now but not intentionally at the time) painted in photoshop kinda sketchily. I guess it adds to the impulsiveness of the book's mood; its definatly not meant to be taken seriously. Apart from the support of Dr Simpo's words, my influences behind the book are.. David Shrigley with 'Who I am and What I want' , Jeffrey Brown and his various observational-based comics and my own dogs because they're quirky little freaks and I loves them for that. The book's message is.. confused. I think I over complicated the book and it appears as a direct and cryptic stream of noise almost from my head onto the page. Maybe some people would like that but I like clean or.. at least slightly easier to understand messages and this is something I need to work on. Alot of my illustrative practice since this has been pretty much focused on communicating as quickly and simply as possible.
What I like about the book is that, it has some decent illustrations in it and its something I can actually send copies of to employers or just have in my portfolio. I would really like a more simple piece to do the same thing with though so I can have some real confidence when I slap people in the face with it. Hi-YA!

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