What do you want to do??

I've noticed that I've not actually talked about what I want to do; a good foundation for building a means to achieve aforementioned desires. And I guess some stab at why I have these ever so tantalising urges wouldn't hurt either.

Honestly, there are a few things I would like to do. I enjoy drawing characters, I enjoy painting and I enjoy animating. I'm also fond of hand-madey crafts like PCs made of knitted wool or home engineered steam machines but this traverse into 3D is something I've only had limited experience with and I'd rather focus on what I'm good at. The thing is with crafts, it's having a good idea, and lokoing like you can exuectute it sometimes rather than being able to perfect a piece; so the impact of the idea is more important. This is also true in animation sometimes so they work well together. Anyway, so as a focus, animation and illustration are my chosen areas, in both hand drawn images and hand made set pieces using stop motion.

I guess in terms of applying what I like doing to a professional context, I'd like to animate or illustrate without ending in purely commercial work, like by working for MTV or Orange for example as sure.. I'd be getting paid work and thats great but, I'm not doing anything thats.. got a meaningful purpose. I don't want to ultimately work for a company which is focused on getting someone to buy something off them rather than tell them a meaningful story or give them something to smile or think about. It sounds really.. greedy and naive of me to think like this but I'm passionate about just working on meaningful experiences; really pouring my heart and love and bones into them without the end product being to sell baked beans. I want to make something people are going to become enamoured with or.. express themselves about. I just want to create and be able to live off that.
I would work in tv/film land if it was on projects I cared about like.. Aardman animations, or on films like Persepolis. I'm not against making money though , or anyone else working on anything else; please do so. I would like to work with bands on music video creation.

Reading back over all that. seems very up my own arse 'standing on a pedestal' spiel. I think.. that I should look at the bigger picture sometime and maybe realise that by doing these other jobs that I would gain recognition and experience in the industry. But if I can gain those properties without having to work for Walkers or mccains oven chips, that would be dandy.

I need to look at studio's I can do a little editing at or something. I feel a bit stuck at the moment trying to figure out where to go. Somewhere up north in Yorkshire or Newcastle/Hartlepool area where I can work on illustrative or animation projects would be great.

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