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With the second season of Heroes now doing the rounds on the BBC, I felt inspired to get to watching the entire season before next week. I JUST couldn't wait. The show is a bit trashy and has alot of that 'two people staring at each other endlessly until the adverts come' that Lost brought us but still, the plot is pure heroin for even the most casual of viewers.

However, there are some things which are just unforgiveable. Such as this photoshop job on one of the promotional posters:

My major complaint is that the lighting on all the characters is way off, really emphasising just how 'cut out and stick on' these character shots are. Bleurgh!
Other favourites include the 'locomotion dance' stance of Parkman (just right of dead centre) and the way in which some characters have reflections in the puddles below them whilst others are apparantly vampiric.
And whats with the completely generic posing on characters like Peter? (Far left) He's so powerful! Why is he just standing there like he's waiting for a kick in the nuts? Is it a vague stab at his self destructive personality? I doubt it somehow.

For my current ultimate in compulsive viewing however, is the TV series of David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks: Who killed Laura Palmer?'.
So, so, so many other videos, movies and everything else borrowed from this utterly disturbed but somehow natural feeling show which follows the reaction of a small town after a possible chain of murders, ending in the demise of titular character, miss Palmer.
I cannot get enough of this stuff; nothing I've seen before feels so.. real. Also, the skill of detective Cooper could put even the most psychic (and chubby) police officers to shame.
Although, the show eludes that he is a deeply spiritual person and is in great contact with the inner supernatural workings of the mind and body language so, he basically IS psychic.
Just watch it, and soon enough you too will be reaching for a cup of 'damn good coffee'.

(that was an exceptionally poor pun but please, do watch.)

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