Work Experience: Qurios

I contacted Animation/Production company (From Hartlepool! ((where I live))) Qurios Entertainment about working with them this summer or whenever is convienient for the both of us. The company deal with 3D production and animation and work on programming for the BBC frequently, amongst other things. I got an e-mail back from the director asking for a show reel or some example of work.

Here is the chain of e-mails. You can tell I'm quite frightened talking to him:

Hi there Mr Bushnell,

My name's Will Campbell and I'm a Visual Communication student from Hartlepool, graduated from the Cleveland college of art & design and am now studying at the Leeds college of art & design. Phew.

Anyway, I found an advertisement you were in for the 'Passionate People' campaign, discovering that there was actually a company in Hartlepool (!) who deal in animation and screen based projects on a sucessful level.

Not wanting to waste this valuble opportunity and being an avid animation/concept work fan I'd love to be able to come down to the church street branch of Qurios Entertainment and have a sniff around, seeing how the workplace functions and getting an insight into the industry I think I'd like to be part of.

Thank you for your time,

Will Campbell .

Hi Will
Thanks for your email.
Before we allow any sniffing to take place it would be good to know something about the work you’ve done, maybe a link to a showreel or online portfolio would help.

To which I cringingly reply..

Hi Niel,

I'm sorry this reply is so late, after moving to a new flat in Leeds two weeks ago , I've just managed to get an internet connection initialized.

I have a website here which was made as a first time voyage into web design a few monthes ago.

Enter the site by clicking on the logo in the middle called 'Hippo Boy'

Its pretty laden with obstructive ads and broken links (like the 'video' section not working which is a shame because the are experimental flash/real time/stop motion pieces) so I'm working on a new site and paying for hosting next time round to ease this problem.

I'm sorry at this moment I don't have any moving imagery or developed still images to show you but this year is heavily focused on developing a portfolio/showreel so hopefully in a couple of monthes I can show you something that would really catch your eye.

Again I'm sorry for the lateness of my reply and with that, I'm back to practicing Maya for the rest of the day.



It's a very good example of a bad e-mail. I'm stammering all over myself, poking holes in my own work before he's even touched it.. Just not setting up a strong likeable first impression really. Also, the stuff I show him is just, patchy. And thats if the site it was on is even still there.

I really need to just show him the links of work that I've come up with so far and try to clear this abomination of an e-mail off my back :P.

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