Ben X

So tonight to get out of the house from not doing much work, I went with some friends to see 'Ben X', a film by Nic Balthazar. It's Belgian which I felt helped the slight corny-ness of it's delivery a little easier to swallow; couldn't imagine a film in english that dealt so visually with game graphics mid-film to be so convincing. I don't know really, that point is a little hard to explain but I think I was more.. forgiving because I had to read subtitles.

The film overall is pretty emotional, gripping and .. almost more of an experience than a narrative-based piece of cinema.


The films protagonist is autistic and the film tries to visually portray what it is like to be under the control of this mental state by comparing it to the singular 'I am the only important person' mindset that a video game ladles upon its player.

Honestly I thought that would bother me but somehow it actually comes together and if you can tolerate the slow pace, it's a pretty moving way to spend 93 minutes of your time.

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