Gentlemen, get your geek on!

Yesterday me and Owen went to the pre-release tournament event for the latest set, Shards of Alara.

It has to be said that I'm not a HUUUUGE MTG fan; I enjoy playing the game casually from time to time but generally it's only these events that I attend because I find the weekly gigs to be inhabited largely by.. well.. obsessive recluse stereotypes. Plus, I tend to burn myself out pretty quickly on games or activites by playing them intensly for a few weeks.

So I wasn't really too fussed about going but did so to appease Owen. Walking there, getting a bit nervous at the thought of having to spend an intensive 6 hour session with sweaty stinky bastards. However, I ended up really really enjoying myself.

Sure, I got my ass handed to me in just about every game and the image above is a testament to that (1 point of damage in rounds..) but it was the experience of playing with the brilliant characters I opposed that really made the entry fee worth it. I ended up giving away some of the rare cards I'd pulled to some kids but that was more because I knew I wouldn't use them and thought it would brighten up their days a little more. Plus I made a couple of actual friends who exchanged numbers and everything! Yeah for social life!

Here are some of the cards that made my tournament an even more enjoyable experience.

Realm Razer. The two games that I won were due to his mana-droughting capabilities. Just get out what you need ASAP and then slap him down! Very fun.

Branching bolt also saw alot of use because it's so destructive for how cheap it is. And I drew two of them.

Finally, the pre-release card itself Ajani Vengeant. I couldn't use it but it's very pretty and kept me going through those tough slaughter-fests that were my games. Well, that and the chick with the huge boobs/low cut top combo.

Anyway thats enough of that nonsense, back to illustrating and such.

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