Animals! You loves them.

In the animation, Matt and myself intended to have some forest animals dancing about in fear as their homes are destroyed in man's never-ending expansion but we pretty much ran out of time. They will be added in thankfully in a couple of weeks but just not for this paticular competition submission.

Anyway, we have a fox...

... A bunny..

...and a squirrel!

They've got this David Shrigley feel to them that I didn't really intend for. I just wanted some handdrawn marionettes in there to give a natural feel although looking at them, they all look kind of hostile. I think its the sharp jagged lines all over their bodies that causes this. Or maybe I have a deeply buried fear of paper-cut-out animals... Brr....

I should probably upload some gifs of these marionettes and others I make so that you can get a bit of an idea as to how they can strut their stuff.

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