some more maxine concepts

Awww! she's so happy! blub blub blub!

Heres some more of the more finished concept sketches from the end of the character brief project. I'll post the earlier stuff up in a bit which actually seems kind of odd, but it should really be up here too.

Basically, these other sketches are attempts to show other sides of the character's personality or how she was as a child and they all feature, alongside many other sketches, on the boards we've sent for d&ad judging (finger's crossed). These are basically just some of my personal favourites.
I how poorly I've scanned these in but I digress. We've got her love for sitting quietly and drawing here..
... and her absolute disgust for manufactured foodstuffs here as she rolls out her tongue. Yack! Maybe i need to emphasize that tongue more and have her recoiling from the greasy greasy burger.
Here's the finished concept anyway; the model which we used in the animation we've sent to the lovely D&AD folks for judging. Oooh she's a moody one!

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