Wild Arms XF

It might just be the sharp presentation but something has gotten me excited about the upcoming addition to the Wild Arms series, 'Wild Arms XF'.

My first impression of the gameplay is that it is a strategy game similar to FF Tactics but one which uses a hexagonal grid rather than isometric squares. Of course, for all I know the original wild arms predated the first tactics so... anyway thats not my point; its merely how I'm finding something familiar in unknown territory.

Apart from the suprisingly atmospheric music (which can be heard by going here and just listening) I've been bowled over by some of the beautiful concept art as well as some of the (possibly alpha/beta stage) screen grabs so grab an eyeful for yourself here and make up your own mind.

Head over to the multimedia section of the site for a full moving footage trailer of the game. I would directly link the video to here from there but... I couldn't get mozilla to show me the html code for the video x.x

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Cathy G said...

It does look really shiny! The screenshots didn't look all that exciting to me, because they didn't seem to do the game justice. I don't have a PSP, mostly because I'm a sucker for shiny graphics, so i tend to stick to PC games, Also this may seem sad, but i get excited when shiny games play nice on my PC, she's my baby, and i made her ^^; I think i may require a pat on the head. Anyway, the concept art is really shiny, however the actual game concept is pretty recycled, but thats because it works as a game concept, but the gameplay looks interesting. You shall have to buy it and show it to me ^^ Nice to see more stratigy games coming out, I get so bored of generic FPS and football games. Oh and the sims, *snoooore* I'm a total sucker for TSF (the shiny factor) when it comes to games >.<