argghhh I've been drawing cels for about 4 days straight and I'm knackered! I need to set some timing tests up for the upcoming crit on wednesday so I'll post those up in the next post.

Here are a list of films I've been watchind as I work:

The Thing Still my all time favourite film. Why oh why are they remaking it?!!?!?! ARGH! It's TIMELESS you bastards!
The proposition Wasn't paying much attention whilst watching but it was very pretty in a gritty way when I glanced towards it. Need to give it another going over I think.
Fuck Something that made me think (A bit) when I was playing super mario on the DS during a lunch break. Should I say FUCK when I'm near kids? Is it a word I should ever use? I think, in moderation and when a comedic situation calls for it but otherwise, it dilutes.
Super High Me Heh this er, this is one of the reasons I've got a hankering for some of the green. I think it was just the constant references to the stuff with the addition of a political edge in it's favour against corrupt cops.
Aladdin I had assumed this would be flawlessy timeless but actually the animation isn't exactly as good as I remembered it being. The colours seem a bit saturated and flat for all the shading the film goes through and there are a fair few dodgy mid CU's that just ruin some scenes but overall, still very very good disney film.
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Hahahahahahahahahaha I just.. .. what can I say about it? To think this film makes me want to try drugs probably subverts alot of it's message but.. there you go.

Also I've been listening to the Fairport covention and Rush and I'm telling you, all of these sources combined has really made me hungry for drugs. I'm not a drug user at all, don't even like taking asprins but right now, I just want to smoke some pot. And eat an ether brownie. Or whatever the street kids are doing.


By the way, how super hot is Jasmine? Jeeeesus, I need me some of that! Arf Arf!

If you liked that (And may god help you if you did) then get an eye load of this!


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