Before I sit my arse back down for another few hours of drawing, I've found some competitions that I'm unsuited for and thought describing why might help me think.

First is the LLOYDS TSB Art competition; create a piece based on a keyword (insert various management-based keywords)

The work they're looking for isn't rooted in character design and is quite dullcet. I suppose at a push I could bend to remove all humour from what I draw..

Here are previous winners

I'm not saying this work isn't good in it's own way I just don't produce images that would suit this criteria.

Next is the Penguin Design Award. I wish I had the skills to do this as type always looks so good, so effortlessly when in the hands of a master.

For example, here are the winners of the previous two years:

On the other hand, Fumetto's graphic Novel competition is something I can participate in if I make an effort. It would make more sense to submit to character design and animation competitions to be honest but this is just what I found whilst eating some pie so.. I'll get on that later.

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