Last weekend was the ThoughtBubble Festival in Leeds. The convention itself wasn't as large on scale as BICS but it was alot more 'small press' focused. Well, apart from the HUGE gathering around Mark Millar and the rest of the superhero artists.

I chatted with Marc Ellerby, John Allison, Liz Lunney and a few others but I wasn't feeling so hot. My talking skills were lacking somewhat and I didn't manage to get more than 5 minutes out of anyone before I felt I was boring them to death. I was pretty pushed for time, trying to get to

before time ran out.

Still, really wish I could have spoken to Adam Cadwell, Oliver East, Liz Greenfields, Kelly Hernandez, and Chamonkee (Jesus! Nice work!!).

The after party was suprisingly sparse considering how fast the tickets are meant to have gone but it was fun. Matt kept informing me of how he called Mark Millar a paedophile and the toilets were covered in leather! Casino partys are the best.

-On reflection, I need to take some advice from myeyeisonfire's post here in which he talks about treating people like humans (BECAUSE THEY ARE) and not exclusively as selling points.

I considered it seriously but was put off by the artist's indiffernce and almost obnoxious atitude towards buyers - Although I would like to sell my own work, that's not the resson for striking up a conversation, and I often just chatted to people to find out about who they were.

Also, LiveJournal looks like the place to be when it comes to small press distribution..

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Lizz said...

I think selling on a stall with lots of people coming up to you and lots going on can be a bit over-whelming to usually solitary anti social comic people! i'm sure no one meant to come across mean towards you. Hope you got yourself some good comics on the day :o)