Breath of Fire, Street Fighter and MTG

Here are some more pieces of work I've been staring at inbetween storyboarding frenziedly and building my site.

CAPCOM's 'Breath of Fire' Concepts

CAPCOM'S 'StreetFighter' Concept art

These pieces in particular have instilled the idea of just throwing yourself into drawing a character. They inspired me to shape hooks with my pencil and to try and really squeeze the most dynamic angles out of each shot.

These storyboard panels are so beautiful! Notice how they're not necessairly so clean but the lines are emphasised in the right places so that it's barely noticeable.

And finally, I've been playing a fair bit of Magic: The gathering in sanctioned tournaments around the country in the past month or so. Not been doing any good to be honest but you end up spending alot of your time soaking in the jaw-dropping art work that goes into some of these cards.

Normally the art on these things doesn't bleed out of the upper centre but these have been 'carried on' by a dilligent artist who is in turn selling them on ebay at a suprising mark up. (£20 is not an unusual price for even otherwise very common cards to be sold at). I would really like to own some of these cards and can sort of understand the price jump because it would make each card as if you were actually playing with a piece of art; 'pimping' the object and possessing a much more unusual version than any other player.

This kind of thing though... I'm a bit more dubious of..

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