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After pensively applying for so many jobs, it became apparant that I need a website. Without one, the process of delivering an ONLINE client or prospective employer an insight into your work is a straining and repetitive task. After talking about the subject to several peers and helpful professionals (like karen j lloyd) it is also clear that the first impression an absence of a website has upon said employers is doubting and instantly negative.

There is undoubtedly an expectation that as a young practictioner I should have a web presence of some kind. For that reason, I recently designed and have come very close to successfully launching my own portfolio website. The site is not YET up properly because I'm having some issues with the ftp server but all the files have been uploaded so check soon to see if I've been able to make the push.  

In the mean time, here are some jpegs that give a fairly accurate representation of the site in it's current state. 

Opening page. 

Work/Home page. This becomes the home page after the front one is navigated away from. The site has 'elastic borders' so that it can become quite small without any of the work being lost. This means it doesn't compete as much for space and become an annoyance. 

Storyboard pop-up. When the 9 images are clicked on, they each activate their own pop-up window so that large quantities of boards can be browsed through. The pop-ups are designed to fit snuggly around the work they are showing to save on the viewers desktop space. 

The dog pop-up brings up an Issuu java/flash which allows the user to comfortably thumb through the book. 

Contact page with many methods of contacting me. Though, based on the photograph, would you really want to? I think I might need to change this to something a bit more subtle.. At least there is a downloadable .pdf of my cv so that all I have to do is send my site link and voila! instant job!

And finally, good old twitter to bring me kicking and screaming into the 21st century of web 2.0. .. Sort of. 

Admitedlly the site isn't exactly an eye-opener but it serves its purpose. At the very least, it is a tidy and very quick loading way of presenting my work to alot of people. I think that the important next step is to now ask professionals and peers what they think about the design and how it could be improved upon. That is, once I get the thing live. 

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