Scott McCloud talks the future of comics

I had meant to show this earlier when I saw it monthes ago but here we go.

This is a lecture on the future of comics by know-it-all comic buff, Scott McCloud.

To summise the video, McCloud more or less describes exactly how computers and the internet have provided the potential for interactive, infinite and otherwise non-linear narrative with the right mindset. This idea of 'infinite space' to tell a story is something I utilised in the construction of my website with my pop-ups that you can drag on for far longer than their size would suggest, ala the tardis.

Cleverly building more on a sense of interactivity and pacing, Balak here really tries to run with what McCloud is talking about.

Speaking of Balak, his confident figures are a source of inspiration. I mean, his work isn't for everyone; its definatly drawn by a red-blooded male but there is so much skill in what he does.
This 'storyboard frame' is a great example:

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