The cult of Kricfalusi

I would say that 'Ren & Stimpy' was a pretty big influence on me as a person growing up. Alot of other people would say this too and this is never more evident than in John Kricfalusi's blog in which every post he makes is inundulated by literally hundreds of reply posts, each one either praising him or asking for his attention on their own work. So, using this attention Kricfalusi has made it a perogative of his to reschool this generation of artists and animators in the ways in which animation should really be.

So with so many responses to his soap box screechings, it's not suprising that at least a couple of the people who reply sometimes are pretty decent artists. One such artist is Fuzzhound, a true Joe Sacco in the making if there ever was one. His work is awe inspiring in how he's proving that a cartoon style of graphic design can still be put to use brilliantly, completely expanding the horizons of what a cartoonist can do to make some hard cash. I should take a note from his book seriously..

Another such blogger is Nate Sands who fires out work like this in response to Kricfalusi's call to arms when he needs assisstence with operations. Its incredible stuff.

Seriously, why am I not keeping on top of Kricfalusi's blog and responding to it? He could help me so much!

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