Statement of Intent??

Again, before the CV, there is something else I've noticed I havn't put up here yet.

My statement of intent.

I'll put it up and then analyse where I've gone with what I claimed I was trying to achieve at the time:

I like the '100% dipped in chocolate' thing.

I think all in all, I had a good idea at the beginning of the year by saying I needed to bring up my evidence of development work, which I have. However, I didn't have a strong grasp on what companies I was aiming at were actually wanting from me, and that is a good hands-on knowledge of 3D animation experience, so I didn't know to acquire this. Thankfully, I've learned that now from my experiences with talking to companies and scouring the net for contemporary leading examples of animation studios.
Something I wish I'd taken more of a heedance with is my nostradamus-like omen about not being afraid to contact people who can help me, something that I'm only really in the past month and a half starting to put into practise. Doing this really makes what you're doing something physical. You begin to see and derieve purpose and intention from everything that you do; they become vehicles for your advancement and you gain a keener grip on how to steer it. Mm.. I love me some metaphors.

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