Hanaharu Naruko is a filth monger.

As much as I enjoy a good picture of a lady with no clothes on, what I enjoy more is the work of an artist who can make such smut into something that is aesthetically pleasing on more than such a base level. And one of those artists is Hanaharu Naruko.
This is a tame example by some of her other pieces standards but alot of her work is just in this beautifully detailed and handpainted style of manga. I think this appreciation for her work is very much on a draftsmans level; i.e, I want to drain out her blood and drink it all in an attempt to steal her skill.

Anyway, check out her site. It's actually pretty porn-free, but some are.. 'getting there' so its very much a case of enter at your own risk.

I can't stop blogger making the text small here and it's for no apparant reason so.. I might be moving to a more .. bug-free blogging system soon.

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